Building Brands – The Food & Wine Co

The Food & Wine Co (formerly Degrees Catering) approached Ennis Perry Creative to build a new brand. Degrees had been operating for over 20 years, with its brand and business model falling behind it was time to re-invent. The team at Ennis Perry Creative created an identity and brand positioning that revitalised this catering company at the head of their game - innovative, boutique food and wine specialists.

Brightwood – Feel Nature’s Beauty

Brightwood is an Australian lifestyle and wellbeing brand with an extensive range of products inspired by the beauty of nature. Brightwood approached Ennis Perry Creative for our experience in packaging design for retail products and our ability to create innovative solutions. Our work for Brightwood received a 2013 Melbourne Design Award in the category of packaging design.

Hotel Nest – Share the Experience

The old Red Eagle Hotel was a cultural cringe in Albert Park. We were approached with the question; '... keep the name or re-brand?' Rather than try to rebadge the existing venue, Hotel Nest was hatched.

Ethical and Sustainable Australian Fashion

Ethical and sustainable Australian fashion label Rant Clothing has been working with Ennis Perry Creative for several years on various branding and digital projects. Rant represents modern Australian design, producing clothing with an independent spirit, guided by sustainable design principles. Rant's range is designed and made in Australia.